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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wednesday Wramblings.

It has been one week since my last confession. I mean blog.

Sorry I've been so lazy.
I've been in hospital twice in the last week for baby related issues. Everything is fine, she's still in there, but I'm definitely counting down the days.

I'm not scared of labour. Or of the birth. I'm excited about it. Looking forward to it. It means I will have my little girl in my arms and she will be able to meet her Mumma and Daddy and big brother, who are all looking so forward to meeting her...

I'm pretty impressed with how well my body is holding up this pregnancy - well, except for my boobs, but to be honest I didn't expect them to "hold up" at all since breast feeding. Perks of the job I guess.
But really, I have no (new) stretchmarks, I'm still fitting into my size 10 maternity jeans that were bought at 12 weeks pregnant - this time pregnant with Dex I was pushing 14 being too small in the same style jeans, so I feel good about myself.
I'm one of those pregnant mummas that wears a bikini to the pool. Yep, I have a big, round, moon white belly. You don't like it? Cover your eyes. I don't tell you I don't like looking at your cat's bum face or bad hair cut - same thing.

OH and so, SO over selfish people parking in the parent's spots. SERIOUSLY?!?! Do you park in disabled parking without a sticker? No, because you'd feel bad. So why park in the parent's parking without a child? IT'S THE SAME THING! *please note* I have no objection to disabled people parking in parents parking when there aren't enough spots, or to really pregnant women parking in them either.

I'm having a day where my brain is all over the shop.
I think we're having an eat from the freezer/pantry week because with everythig that's been going on, I haven't been budgeting, meal planning, anything really. And our savings are going down and our spending is going up, which I really don't like or need to be happening right now.

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  1. Hang in there tattoomummy... arh that last month of pregnancy.. with a toddler in hand... remember oh so well.

    and for what its worth - I love it when I see pregnant women wearing bikinis. If only I could have been so brave. You wear your belly with pride, as you should its beautiful, and holds within it the precious beginnings of another life.

    and you have reminded me to pull my finger out, and recommence my meal planning. life really is so much easier when I do it.... Have been living in a bit of a bubble of late.