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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The advantages to bulk cooking

In one of my earliest posts, I tell you all HERE about how I'm convinced one of the reasons $50 is a hard budget to stick to because I overcook.

BUT that's not always a bad thing. I just decided. I'm almost 31 weeks pregnant and right now, struggling to be motivated to be healthy at all. I've done well so far, I really haven't put on much (noticable) weight - which I credit to my toddling excersize machine. However, that doesn't mean that I can eat a family sized packet of BBQ chips and expect it to be ok. Not to mention the complete guilt factor of lack of anything nutritious in said bag of chips for the incubating one.
Is the laksa I made a little while a go (I gave you the link to the blog with all the great recipes). This is by no means, a small wok. It's actually a pretty big wok. What I made that night was actually about 5 - 6 BIG serves - unintentionally. Now this is good, because Cue obligational feeling of eating something decent before I eat the packet of Timtams (cancel out the bad with the good, right?) I am currently eating Laksa that I had frozen just in case.
sidenote: Strangely - the Laksa I froze and then reheated is no where near as spicy as it was the day I made it - Great for a mummy who gets indigestion!
This: is the stew I cooked for dinner last night. It was massive. As you can probably tell. I'm not entirely sure WHY I feel like I need to cook for an entire army, but once again, it has worked in my favour.
I had 2 bowls of this last night and didn't even make a dent in it. Pat didn't eat any because he came home late.
So tonight, when I go out to dinner for a girls night (how exciting!!!) I know that both my boys will be well fed with no excuses.
Sometimes it's helpful to be a little excessive.

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  1. When I first got married, I was used to cooking for 5 or 6 every night. American portions! I started trying to cook for TWO who eat Australian portions, and my leftovers were insane.

    Poor Jonathon started getting a bit porky, not to mention my voluptuous self. So now, I just make a big pot of stuff and freeze it, or fridge it. We don't mind eating the same thing a couple of days in a row, so that seems to work well, and, you're right, it's aces for budgetary dining.

    Keep up the good work -- that Laksa look awesome... I've never made Indian before, but I might have to give it a go... :)