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Friday, March 11, 2011

My Little Mister

This is Dexter.
(I did have a photo on here, but I got a creepy comment from a random named "John" so I have removed it).
He is my adorable, energetic, cheeky, life loving, opportunity grabbing 18 month old son. He is completely adorable and a little bit strange sometimes.
There are people in my life who are lucky enough to know him personally. For those of you missing out, let me tell you a little about him.
He likes drinking bath water. And eating bubbles. I'm not entirely sure why, but he is obsessed. Don't worry though, he'll try and share with you by saying "Ta!" in the cutest little voice and offering some too you, you'll feel compelled to pretend drink/eat what ever he's having.
He LOVES animals. Up until recently, everything has been a gog (dog). Now, it's either a dog, cat or a bird. Doesn't matter which one it REALLY is, he will still try and grab it's head/tail/body part within reach and drag it to his face for a kiss. Or five.
He's started toilet training himself. He tells me "poos" when he needs to go to the toilet. This word covers wees, poos and farts. Yesterday he was wet when he got up because he'd woken at 5am. He told me poos and I pretty much said "yes dear" but he was ademant, so I put him on the toilet and he did a wee. He was then running around without a nappy on, told me poos again and I assumed he just needed to do another wee, so I told him "good boy for telling mummy! you just do poos outside, ok?" That's why I had to clean poo off the deck.
He loves to laugh and loves making other people laugh. He will sit with his father and they'll both squeal at each other and takes turns giggling. It's a great game. He will also say "toes!" and try and eat your toes, because you freaking out about a child trying to eat your toes is obviously hilarious.
Dexter LOVES babies. Everything is a baby now. He rubs my belly and says baby! and kisses it. However, the other day I had no shirt on. My belly button has popped out. So he says baby, pats my belly and then ever so gently MOUTHED MY BELLY BUTTON! He thought it was great fun. I was mortified. No more shirt free belly kissings for a while.
He'll also rub his dad's belly and say baby and the other day he pulled up his shirt and made me rub his own belly and say baby. Obviously a little confused at the whole concept, but I think he's doing pretty well for 18 months.
He amazes me every day with the new words that come out. He's going to start day care on monday and I can't help but feel he won't be my little mister anymore. He'll be a bit more grown up and a bit closer to being the beautiful, funny, sensitive, caring and handsome man I know he will be one day.


  1. What a clever, gorgeous little man you have! I bet you are so very proud.....

  2. Jonathon loved the "cleaning poos off the deck" part. Thanks for the giggles. :)

  3. That's my grandson for you......absolutely the most wonderful little masn and just as amazing and wonderful as his mother was at that age. you used to eat bubbles too, oh and the cat food.