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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Monday Must do's.

*note* Shit in car - does not mean actually shit in the car. It means get all the crap out of my car, because she was a brand new car 3 months a go and now you would never be able to tell. I'm sure it breaks Pat's heart a little every time he gets in it. (he just doesn't undertsand what having children in your car does to it)

What's your monday Must Do's?


  1. I made this question my topic for today on my FB page!!!!
    I too wrote myself a list, It says:
    David & Jett clothes washed
    Harlow clothes away
    David lunches
    Puree fruit
    Take meds

    So far I have washing onm sorted through harlows clothes she has grown out of *cries* and taken my meds :_

  2. My Monday List:
    Finish Essay
    Start Assignment
    Tidy Pacmans room
    Schedule blog posts
    Wait impatiently for postman

    So far all I've done is waste time reading blogs :)

  3. yea my car is full of shit too! it sux lol

  4. I am stalking you from my blog! When's your b'day I am a Saggi too Nov 27th here. And what is your EDD? By my dates I am due May 13th, but by the silly first dating scan it's May 17th. i dont agree with it especially now im measuring ahead of dates. Not that it matters, baby will come when it wants too :)

  5. Wow Baby G - Same Birthday here too, and official due date is May 11th but if you've read the other posts, I'm planning on working on bringing labour on early as I'm worried I'm going to be induced due to blood pressure and not have a chance at natural labour!

  6. We have the same birthday, how cool is that! I hope your BP stays down. I am thinking of doing the same after 37 weeks as my iron and platelets are so crap.