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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Something's Up.

Something is going to happen. Why? Because my house is clean. My bathroom has been cleaned, I've done two loads of washing today, I've baked muffins. Dinner is already cooked and THE DISHES ARE WASHED after it. As well as all the dishes I've used today. I've even got Rice Pudding baking in the oven! I've put away clothes that were hanging around deciding whether they were dirty or not, made beds, cleared up stuff that has been waiting for the baby to arrive, showered the child, fed said child and now he is asleep in bed.

What's so bad about all that? It's not me. I'm not that mother. I'm not organised. My house is usually a kerfuffle. We have too much stuff and nowhere to put it. And I HATE washing up. Which I have done twice today. Dexter hardly ever goes to sleep this early. I'm certainly never organised to have him bathed, feb and dressed ready to go to bed this early.

I'm sure you all think I'm being completely silly. BUT I think someone (the universe or whoever) is conspiring against me. Why? I feel like this is the calm before the storm.
A lot of you don't know (I didn't blog it) but last monday I spent the night in hospital. Contractions, a bit of a show - everything you want at 27 weeks. The good thing was, I wasn't officially in labour. The bad thing is, I was told to not do anything or I would end up in labour.
They let me go home the next day - they were PACKED! - with a script for Panadine Forte and strict orders to do nothing around the house. Or outside the house, or anything other than looking after Dex, really.
So that's why I'm worried.
I'm stressing, because I thought I had my hospital bag all packed, but guess what? It has no undies in it! How can it be a hospital bag with no undies? It also has no maternity pads OR breast pads. Super organised, hey.

So, that's my rant. Probably, nothing will happen. Maybe, something will. At least if it does, the house will be clean and everything will be organised. Except my underwear, of course.

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