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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Back to the Budget

I apologise.
I've been pretty slack lately.

I've had a lot going on (practically on bedrest or I'll go into labour) so things like grocery budgets haven't been the top most priority on my list.
BUT Because we'll definitely need a budget if she does decide to come early (contingency planning and all that jazz) I best get back into it.

So, I have the pram on layby - And I found a cheaper one on the internet and am NOT going to be afraid to ask the stroe to price match it. They have a store policy that cancelled laybys get the money they have paid credited as a store voucher, so I really have nothing to lose. I have a capsule on its way. I have enough MCN's (modern cloth nappies - if you don't use them, you should) to cover TWO newborns. She has a ridiculous amount of clothing. I'm not even kidding. She has more clothes than Dexter and I put together.

So really, all we need under control is our food shopping.

A good CHEAP recipe for you guys.

Box of frozen spinach (about 80c from Aldi)
10 Eggs
Splash of milk
2 sheets puff pastry
1/2 block ricotta/fetta/cream cheese (up to you really)

Line dish with sheet of pastry, fill in gaps with second sheet.
Whisk eggs, add as much milk as you normally would.
Add defrosted spinach and whichever cheesee you choose to the eggs and mix in
Pour into your dish and bake on 180 degrees celcius until it's cooked.

(will be solid... kind of like an omlette - you'll know when it's cooked and you can't really burn it...)

Enjoy =]

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