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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Change is as good as a holiday?

I don't know who said this. But whoever did, obviously never holiday-ed with young children... To their in-laws.

I actually can't complain that much at all. We spent way less than I expected to spend, which is always a nice change. Dex spent a lot of time in the water - we all did, because it was too hot to be anywhere else. I got some really cool shoes, a top and some hair bows. Bought Pat some new shoes and a belt.

But I am exhausted. Mentally AND physically.
It is difficult when your in-laws have divorced and re-partnered. Sometimes, they get cranky and they say things about the ex partner that makes you feel awkward and you're left doing a nervous laguh and changing the subject. Sometimes they blame their ex-other half for traits they would prefer they didn't see in their children and grandchildren. And sometimes, it's just friggen annoying to have to divide your time between the two.

In saying that, I can't imagine Pat's parents still being together. Their new partners suit them down to a T and that makes for a good trip.
Dex had the shittiest sleeps ever over the last 4 nights, so mummy (a big pregnant mummy) is running on about 1/2 the usual hours of sleep.

Dex has started saying "Baby" and kissing or patting my tummy. It's pretty cute. I love that he is (kind of) understanding what is going on. I'm sure it will still be a bit of a shock when our little girl finally makes her appearance, but I think he'll do fine.

And to top it all off - FAIL DOCTORS SURGERY -
So, I'm on blood pressure medication because I had to be induced with Dex for borderline pre-eclampsia - so it's a little serious. Me, with my pregnant brain, forgot my medication. Thought to myelf, ok, I'll call monday morning (we went down sun arvo) "I'll miss 1 dose, that on't matter too much. Called 8:45am Monday - Spoke to receptionist. "Sure - Dr L doesn't like doing that, she'll rouse on you, but no problem." 11am, still no script - Call back "If the last time you saw her was 3 months a go, she might not do you a script, can you see a dr down there?" Me - No, everywhere is full. The script lasts 12 months, why would 3 months be an issue, she's my GP?
her " I'll pass it on". 3pm - Still nothing - Call back, Dr L is running behind, can't interrupt her while she's with patients (Even though I have been IN THE ROOM when she has had a call transferred through!) will pass it on. 4:45pm - Call back "Dr L is still behind, won't get to her messages until this evening or tomorrow morning" me "I can't wait that long!!! If I could, I wouldn't have called FOUR TIMES TODAY! I'm PREGNANT and on BLOOD PRESSURE MEDICATION for the health of my pregnancy!" Her "Ok, I'll pass it on."
Still haven't heard anything.

Just makes my blood boil. It could have been potentially dangerous to both myself AND my little incubating one and no one helped at all. Have a urine test on friday, so hopefully not being on meds for a few dayshasn't affected anything and there's no protien happening.

Ok, I've raged enough, time for some serious sleepage.

night night

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  1. GRRRRR! I totally commented on this and then it told me my cookies were not working and deleted my comment completly!
    Stupid receptionist, considering your pregnant and its quite a serious matter-it would not have hurt her to pop a note on your drs pile so they could contact you for a quick chat..a 2 minute phonecall to your DR would NOT have set them back any further than what they already were...!!

    Hope your wizz results come back fine & hope your trying to relax and not stress xox