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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lazy Sundays

Last night I was sitting here reading food blogs (as one does on a saturday night) and I found the AMAZING thestonesoup
Her recipes look delicious, simple, healthy and quick to make. She even has 2 free ecookbooks in the archives. In particular, I want to make the Laksa from her first free ecookbook and the LAMB_CURRY. So with these in mind and some inspiration to be healthy, using locally grown produce, I headed off to the markets to do my groceries.
Remember the $50 budget I had? Today I tried sticking to it. I had $50 and some coins in my wallet. So I got:

From the markets. That's mushrooms, bananas, apples, caps, lettuce, onions, sweet potato, zuccini, squash, cucumber, broccoli and fresh basil. All for $25.00

Then I went to the supermarket. And got:

(And looking at that, I've just realised I've forgotten coconut cream for the Laksa)
Any way - We have Lamb, beef, cream, spinach leaves, laksa paste, tuna, salmon and noodles for $29.77
Plus a couple of dollars for the Coconut cream I will have to go back for (we're having the damn laksa!)
And there is my reason for deciding to become predominantly vegetarian. We've played with it in the past. We both (Pat and I) felt healthier. Pat didn't get so bloated and lethargic. But I usually revert to meat dishes because I have no inspiration or because it's easier. Looking at the price difference though, there really isn't any reason to make excuses.
So there you have it. We will probably still have a meat dish once or twice a week. Although, I am really looking forward to the Lamb and Spinach Curry that I linked earlier in the post (HERE it is again in case you missed it). It just looks so fresh and flavourful!
Let me know what you think of that site. And if you have any other favourite foodie blogs, please, send them my way. I have a lot of hours to kill and there is only so many brownies I can eat.


  1. You are doing so well at feeding your family for $50! The food your cooking sounds wonderful so I'll go and check out the site you recommended - I love foodie blogs!

  2. Now you're just showing off. Next time I grab a packet of fish fingers out of the freezer, it's just not going to feel right. Even if I'm serving it with spinach and carrot sticks to appease my guilt! Thanks for all the good tips and for making me try harder to come in under budget and with healthy choices for my family.