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Sunday, February 20, 2011

One of THOSE Days

It's one of those days.

I feel tired, sick and heavy. Everything feels heavy. My legs, my arms, my head. The T.V. is doing a wonderful job at babysitting Dex (who now says both Shrek and Stitch, I might add).

But you know what? I've already got dinner on. Yep, I'm that kind of lazy. My lazy brain is preparing to be even more tired, exhausted and not bothered to do anything, that it's making dinner now. It's pretty clever, hey?

So we are having Tomato Pasta Sauce. Because I can't be bothered to make bolognaise. So the very simple, very cheap recipe goes like this:


½ large brown onion, finely diced

Tsp (? I guesstimate) of crushed garlic

400g tin diced tomatoes in tomato puree.

Butter/Margarine to cook in.

Melt butter in frypan, add onion and garlic and cook until it caramelises.

Add tinned tomato and let simmer for as long as you feel like. Probably check it every so often so it doesn't burn and stick to the bottom of the pan, leaving lazy you (me) to have to cook something ELSE for dinner.


If I had chopped up basil in my freezer like I usually do, I'd add some of that. If I could find the pepper, I'd add some of that too. It's a really good basic sauce that you can make SO many things from. You could even use it as a sauce for lasagne. And it's SO simple. *Found the pepper. Pat left it out on the bench.


Now I've just got to convince lazy me to clean the kitchen, otherwise I'll have to do it tomorrow =s


You know, I had planned to have Dex toilet trained by the time the Doll showed up. But with about 10ish weeks left, I just can't see it happening. He's just not as aware of himself as I think he needs to be. He loves sitting on the toilet, but rarely does anything on there anymore. He won't tell me when he's doing a poo or a wee, but he will pick up a clean nappy and try and put it on and say "poo". I just don't know. When he doesn't have a nappy on, he'll walk over to you and stare at you intently, then wee on your foot. Or the wall. Or the chair you're sitting on. It's as if he knows what he's doing, but can't be bothered to tell me.

He can say: sit, ta, please, up, dog, woof, car, truck, ball, bowl, more, mum, dad, stitch, Shrek, shut, door, out, ice, juice, flower, towel, cook, jump, bath, shower, tree, play, baby, kiss. That's what I remember. I'm sure there's more. He knows that play is something you do with your toys, but it's also a button you can press on the DVD player. He knows that you wipe with the toilet paper. I know he's smart enough to understand the concept of going to the toilet, but I just don't know if he can put the two together...

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