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23 year old going on 50. I take my carry basket to the farmers markets every week and Avoid getting a tan at all costs. I also have lots of tattoos. Two beautiful children and a "Hubby". And an obsession with cooking - moving into a place that doesn't have an oven...

Thursday, April 14, 2011


She's coming soon.
I know it.
I can feel it.
I feel calm and excited and prepared.
I feel like Dexter is ready to be a big brother.
I'm ready to meet this little person who will change my life, just like her brother did.
I'm ready to learn new things.
I'm ready to laugh. And to cry. And to be immensly proud. And frustrated.
I know there will be times I'll feel lost and I know that's ok.

I'm ready.


  1. WOOT!! Fingers crossed for VERY soon Jess xx

  2. How exciting! I jsut got goose bumps thinking about it. I remember that sense of anticipation, that feeling that things will never be the same. Thinking of you! xx