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Monday, April 18, 2011

Done like a dinner.

I'm completely over it.
I feel like crying.
I want to know this is going somewhere.
I've been having contractions for approximately 30 hours now.
No plug has been seen.
Yesterday at 4pm the hospital told me I was 1cm dialated and in early labour. To go home and wait it out.
I've slept almost 7 hours last night. And here they are this mornign.
I've napped this afternoon - about 2 hours. And here they still are.
But are they going anywhere?!?!
Everything I've been reading says yes it IS going somewhere because they SEEM to be getting stronger.
But maybe that's just my brain tricking me so I don't completely flip?
I just want her out. Because I'm sick of the pain and the inconvenience (of the contractions - not being pregnant) and I'm sick of having no tolerance for Dex and it's all just not fair.

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  1. Hey sweety, I just read your comment on my blog

    I would call or go in if they are either too painful to cope with at home or they are regular & 5 mins apart. Always call or go in if you are concerned, never just wait it out because you don't want to bother them. That's their job!
    I am over it too, chronic lower back pain today, nausea etc... makes me cry to think i have weeks of this to go. I am not contracting though.
    Let me know how you are going xx