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Thursday, April 7, 2011

For my whole 43 followers...

I am wondering, would you be interested in me doing a recipe a week from My great Grandnanna's cook book?

It has some recipes in there from HER Nanna.

I'm asking, because I'm making Yorkshire Pudding at the moment.

I love the feeling that she would have made the same thing, using the same recipe book I am.

I feel like I'm cooking history.

I'm actually contemplating typing it all out and seeing if it can be published. If not that, doing a "foodie" blog where I cook something out of the book every day.

But I'm worried that would be a little too Julie and Julia.

So just for now, would you like a Great Grandnanna's recipe once a week?

I appreciate all input =]


  1. P.S. I apologise for the shitty spacing. Blogger is totally hating me right now, as is Word and not letting me put notmal spacing anywhere!

  2. Do it! My kids request yorkshire puddings when I make a roast.

    Yesterday I made fudge - from my Nanna's recipe. every time I make it I feel like she is right there with me.

    and the other thing - "they" as in that generation seemed to be able to make a feast out of whatever was on hand!

  3. That would be awesome! I can see it being a great cookbook to publish -- especially if you put in little stories about your day to day life, a little like this blog.

    I would love to see what you come up with.

  4. Err, that was me. Stupid Jonathon never signs out of his google account on my computer, the twit.

  5. Sounds great to me....go for it!

  6. You can't beat old traditional recipes :) I make alot of the things my nana's used to as well and they are always crowd pleasers.