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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Monday Must-Do’s

Today, I must do nothing.

I'm giving myself the day off.

There are things I MIGHT do (I'm actually cooking heaps of bolognaise at the moment), but nothing I am going to force myself into doing.

Why? Because today is the last day "off" before I have my reflexology. So I'm not going to make myself run around like a headless chook.

Pat's better at cleaning any way.

I've done some washing up and I've done some vacuuming and some cleaning.


I might fold Dex's washing and put it away.

I might finish packing my bag for the hospital (I probably should, that will be pretty important soon)

I might write an abusive note to stick on the tool-up-the-road's windscreen to tell him to stop parking on the road on a corner, it's dangerous, park on the fucking grass.


But I might not. And I'm ok with that. xx


  1. ooo getting close now. Don't do any of it :P Except perhaps add one more item to your hospital bag :P

  2. I'm so excited for you (I'm slightly clucky, it's been 8 months)
    Hope you reflexology goes well and we hear a little announcement soon :)