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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dolores Rose

You are four weeks old today.
Four weeks that have flown by so fast.
Amongst moving house, having a staph infection and a toddler I feel like I might have put you second a little.
Not that you mind one bit. You are the happiest baby (although you do spew a lot).
I haven't taken anywhere near as many photos as I would have liked to.
It scares me I won't get the time back and I don't have any records of it. I promise I'll get the camera out. I'll capture you in all your newborn glory.
Especially with your big brother. He ADORES you. Every chance he is asking to kiss you or cuddle you or hold you.
He uses kissing you as a way to extend his bed time just that little longer (but it's so cute I let him).
You have started being more alert. You are awake for longer and you're recognising us.
You LOVE your Daddy. You stare at him for ages.

I can't wait to watch you grow. You're beautiful. You have completed our family.

Love Mummy.



  1. She is just lovely. Congrats Jess, enjoy this lovely stage. xx

  2. Oh, that is beautiful. She certainly looks like an absolute sweetheart.
    And I bet she loves her mummy and brother too :)

  3. Beautiful, she's just gorgeous. Great to see you linking up to FYBF TattooMummy

  4. So so beautiful!! Lola looks so peaceful. Maggie loves to spend time with her Daddy too. I am happy to sit and watch them stare at each other:) Sounds like you have so much going on right now, I hope it all settles down for you soon xx Sarah (Dear baby g)