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Sunday, January 2, 2011

The who, when and why

I always hate these.
Because everything you read tells you different things about what these first posts should include.

So I'm going to do my own thing, a sort of who we are, why I'm doing this and when the Doll is due.

I'm Jess, mother of one and a half. One, being my 16 month old son named Dexter, who is currently driving his lawnmower into the front door which he just slammed shut. Life is always noisy interesting with him around. Half being the little girl I'm currently incubating. Due in 4 months - 11 May 2011. A very short time away.

Like I've said - We're not poor, but if I don't stop spending, we will be. It's just so easy to spend money. It's hardly ever on myself, usually on my son and Doll-to-be. Or Hubby, who get frustrated becasue he'd rather continue wearing the undies with holes in them that are worn and comfortable, than have me spending money. Especially since he's just bought me a brand new car. I've never had one of those before!

So, this is us. Me, setting myself the goal of spending only $50 a week to feed the three of us. Will be interesting. My plan will be once I'm at $50, that's it. I'm not allowed to spend any more. Probably a couple of Weetbix dinners for the first couple of weeks while I figure it all out.

And, trying to prepare for the Arrival, whilst spending the smallest amount possible... I still need a double pram, a capsule, another car seat, nappies (cloth) and all those other wondeful bits and bobs that must accompany children.

Oh yeah, going to try toilet training my son in the midst of all this too.

So there you have it. If you like it, welcome, stick around. If you don't, GTFO


  1. Can't wait to read how your $40 Budget goes, will be watching for some recipes & great Tips!

  2. Don't have kids or a real strict budget (mostly because I don't have kids and as long as my husband has cookies he's happy) but I love the way you write, and am following. :)

  3. I think im gonna give this plan a shot too! we (meaning me, craig is a great saver!) spend way to much money! we get by but if we made cut backs here and their we would be living alot more comfortable