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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


So, here you have my receipts from today's shopping expedition. I failed.

You'll notice I've crossed off some items, because it's completely stupid to include these things in my $50 budget. if that $50 had to include toiletries and general household items, there will be weeks we can't afford even a bag of homebrand rice to live on. So, minusing those out, we have 69.21 - 9.57 = $59.64
You'll notice I've underlined the bacon as well. This is because I bought a kg pack. This week alone will not have 1kg worth of bacon eating in it. So I am going to quarter this $ to reflect what I'm actually going to use this week (I'm stretching to be inside the budget, I know).
Comes to $5.09 (the remaining 750g which brings the grand total down to....

Which isn't bad for my first week.
But, has anyone noticed the major FAIL in my shopping?
There's hardly any fruit! Sure, we get the vegies we need (almost), but not our fruit.
Now what am I going to do?
(I'm going to go to the fruit store tomorrow and buy fruit, but I'm more referring to in the long run)
I'm not really a fan of buying tins of home brand fruit salad to reach the quota. However, when I buy fruit, it usually goes gross before it all gets eaten and there's the problem. How do I buy enough that we get what we need, but not so much as to damage the budget and be throwing food away.
And yes, I do keep it in Tupperware =p I just end up forgetting about it. hehe

How do you make sure your kids get the required 3 & 5? Do they even get it?


  1. You did fantastic for your first week- well done!!!
    Perhaps you could get a few items of fruit in bulk aswell and freeze for smoothies? I find fruit goes off pretty quickly in this house so we buy it twice a week now, Thursday nights on our normal grocery shop and then on a Sunday aswell..Jett normally has 2 pieces of fruit a day so he picks what he is likely to eat in them days, Lately applesm oranges & Bananas..Don't forget to go through all the catalogues weekly and find out whats cheapset where and question how much petrol you'd spend if you went to heaps of different shops..I shop at Coles or Safeway depending on what is on special in those weeks :)

  2. I don't know why but I had a shitty night sleep last night & was thinking about your Budget and how great it is! I made a mental note to tell you a little something I do midyear which I find is good for the next 6 weeks. When Family Tax benefit comes in I go and do a bulk Grocery shop on non-perishables (sp?), I buy canned things like tinned tomatos, chickpeas, corn etc, I buy about 15 packets of pasta, some rice, I buy big packets of flour and sugar and cornflour, brown sugar, 2 packets of baking poweder, baking soda..a big bottle of Vanilla extract..I basically go down every aisle in the shops and buy everything I know I could use in the next 6 months including cleaning products, small things like kitchen sponges, handsoap, shower gel, tissues...and I do all that when Coles has a "Dollar Dazzler" week and I end up saving So much for a full Trolley..that way come the following weeks I only need to buy fresh stuff and it works out alot cheaper for us! Just thought I would run tha idea by you for future reference :)

  3. Awww thank you for thinking of us!
    Although that completely sucks about your bad night's sleep. Hope the kidlets are kind to you today =]

  4. we buy enough for a couple of days because some days liv decides not to eat much then the next week she wont stop so i shop for fruit a couple of times that way their is no waste!
    great start though!