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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Where's the Tupperware?

Ok, I'll admit it. I sell Tupperware. And you know what? I REALLY enjoy it. It gives me something to talk about other than poo and wee (because admit it ladies, if you have kids, that's what the majority of your conversations are about) and it gets me out of the house for some adult time. (it also puts some extra money in my pocket, but that's just a bonus)

Before I sold Tupperware, I didn't get it. I didn't see the big deal. I didn't understand how spending money on some plastic could save me money. I only signed up to get my free stuff and leave. That was about 3 months a go. Why? Because I believe in it.

So this week ladies, that's my tip. Buy tupperware. Fridge Smarts to be specific. Why? Because on average, we buy 3 bags of groceries a week (fresh fruit & veg) and most families throw out 1 1/2 - 2 bags a week from it not being used. I've kept mushrooms in my fridge for 4 weeks. Same with shallots.

That capsicum? Three weeks in my fridge. That's all I'm going to say.

Ok, enough advertising. I've been living without facebook for a while (ok, two days - feels like a while) and I always wondered how I'd cope without it. I'm a social networking kind of creature. But you know what? Sure, there ARE people I miss chatting to. And I wonder how many people will read my blog now that I'm not going to be sharing it on facebook, but I'm enjoying not having it.

I'm amazed at the amount of time I now have. My house is CLEAN. Not only is my house clean, I'm getting through That List. You know, the one everyone has? Cobwebs, clean out the cupboards, wipe down the cupbaords, clean out the toybox *shudder*. Yeah, I'm making progress on that. AND We're having dinner earlier. We're spending more time outside. I'm playing with Dex more - which is sad to admit. I didn't realise that he missed me until I started playing with him. And you know what? I missed him too - which is a stupid thing to say, seeing how it was self inflicted. But I'm making up for lost time. We've been cooking together, Trying to train the dog (she's just too damn intelligent. She knows what she's meant to do, but is too cheeky to do it).
Tomorrow, we're making play-doh!

I'm going to go check on my Vegetable Bolegnaise sauce (more that napolitana - more vegies, less than bolegnaise, no meat... what does that make it?)
So I'll leave you with a couple of really easy, pretty cheap recipes:
Because it's the party season, everyone needs a couple of good dip recipes. It always feels nice to say "I made it from scratch" so:

PP Dip
Block of cream cheese - room temp.
440g tin crushed pineapple, drained
Packet frnech onion soup mix.

Chuck it all in a bowl, mix together - bit of a summery, sweeter take on French onion dip.

Taco Dip
Small container (homebrand) sour cream
Taco seasoning packet.

Mix taco seasoning into tub of sour cream - amount depends on required flavor. Remeber, less is more, start with a 1/4 of the seasoning pack and go from there - you can always add more flavor.
Serve that one with corn chips.

Do you have any favourite fail-proof dip recipes?

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  1. The taco dip sounds so delicious, and so simple with only 2 ingredients, definatly making it over the weekend!

    I love my FridgeSmarts, I have 3 in my fridge-genius products!