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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Motivate Me

I've been suffering a serious lack of motivation lately.
It just seemed tooooooo hard to try and get under $50. So i didn't write my shopping list.

I didn't write my meal plan. I didn't even take my bags along to Aldi.

I did, however, still find myself gravitating towards the seconds trolley at the fruit shop before I went anywhere else. I did also take a big box from the fruit market to use at Aldi so I didn't have to buy any bags.

I really love Aldi. I know it sounds strange. I know people who HATE going there, because you can't get everything in one store and they hate having to do more than one shop. But I love groceries. I wait for every wednesday so I can go grocery shopping.

On the bright side. Even though I couldn't be effed to try and get under $50 - I only ended up spending $70. Which included a 1.5kg pack of chicken roasting peices and a 2kg bulk mince pack, which has been divided into four portions. So I guess I really didn't do too badly at all, considering this week once again, I will only need to buy fruit and veg (and bread).

I think the easiest part to sticking to the $50 budget is being flexible. There's no point being really strict on it, if spending a little bit more money this week is going to save you money in the long run. If you're not organised and divide it and freeze it as soon as you get it home, then buying in bulk is probably not going to help you at all. It does take a little bit getting used to. I used to just pack everything into the freezer and hope for the best. But I've found that being organised in the kitchen gives me a sense of accomplishment (kind of sad, I know). It might be because the Witching Hour is always terrible and having an organised freezer makes it just that little bit easier to handle.

Here's a little tip I was given in the storing of meat - bacon in particular - because we buy 1kg at a time but only ever use about 3 rashers at a time. So a Tupperware tip (although you'll notice it's not in tupperware, it's in chinese containers) Roll it. like so:

Then, when you need some, you can just clip of what you need rather than trying to defrost it partially so you don't have to use the whole thing and end up with chunky bits missing from your bacon. I thought it was genius.

Also, I got my new Car Baby. She doesn't have a name yet, but she's red and sexy and smells pretty. I will wash her then take a photo for you all to see and be jealous. Hehe.

Drove her down to Newcastle on Friday (the day after I got her). I shouldn't have gone, but I'm glad I did. It was for my Aunty's 40th birthday party and we ended up leaving 9:30pm saturday night (party night) because Dex wasn't sleeping, didn't sleep the night before until 11:30pm and up at 6am and my anxiety said "I just want to be home." Didn't end up making it home, got to Bonville to my parent's house (about 20 mins away) and crashed there.
Glad to be back and have Dex sleeping though. He slept for 5 hours today. FIVE HOURS. And, is back in bed at 8:30pm tonight. Poor little guy must have been exhausted.

I have no recipes for you today, I still haven't gotten around to making my Curried apple and Lentil Dal, so I will do that this week and let you know how it goes.


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