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Friday, June 10, 2011

I have Learnt

I used to think being a mother was easy. of course, I didn't have children at that point. And while parts of it are easy (like when they're sleeping), a lot of it is pretty tough.
So, what I now know about being a mother:
  • People will judge you, know matter what you do. 
  • Society expects you to forget who you are as soon as you have children. All of your time and effort is meant to go to them.
  • You never hear "how are you?" first. It's always "How are they doing?"
  • I must have broken my mother's heart a thousand times.
  • Kids are just little balls of mess in a cute outer shell. It's ridiculous.
  • Never change the nappy when you first get whiff of the smell. There's more coming.
  • Toilet/bath/showers will be shared with little people from now on in.
  • Kids can do adult sounding farts. Usually done in the middle of shopping centres and other opportune places to embarrass Mummy.
  • We are expected to make it look easy.
  • The quickest way to get a toddler to eat something is to tell them bed is the alternative.
  • disney movies off by heart.
  • To never assume that when the toilet training toddler tells you he needs to do a poo, that he actually needs to do a wee and tell him he can just go outside... Unless you want to have to clean the deck.

What have you learnt?


  1. I can so relate to most of those! Except the last one, my toddler would be mortified if I suggested going outside.
    I used to tell Millar, "eat that or go to bed, those are your options". He said to me the other day "put a movie on mummy, or bedtime those are your options" oh how I wish I could chose bed.

  2. Love the fart one, ha ha! My nephew was one for asking embarrassing questions, and he ALWAYS did it in public.
    And I will keep the nappy one in mind as we want to try for kids next year.
    So, as I don't have children I can't say I've learned anything from motherhood. But having reached my 30s without yet having them, I have learned that you do indeed get judged no matter what you do. Certain people judge me because I chose to delay motherhood.
    I've also learned that, despite what tragedies or hardships I might have faced, I'm not - according to some people - at liberty to complain because life without children is apparently a walk in the park.
    Oh, and I will keep the toilet training one in mind too. If someone did a poo outside at our place the dog would probably eat it and I think that might even be more gross than cleaning it up myself :)

  3. @toushka - he was about 18 months at the time. He was just so excited that he was naked lol.

    @Emma - the dog did eat it. It WAS gross. Lol

  4. I keep trying to comment on your posts and it won't let me these past couple of weeks. I hope this one works. It's my login settings, very frustrating! I love your lists and tips! You are such a wonderful and honest Mum, it's very inspiring.
    P.S I hope those GP bottle tips are working out! What an idiot! :)