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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fuck Modesty

So this morning I showed up for my appointment (late) only to realise I didn't have my referral. Which means I had to rebook. I had fasted 6 hours for nothing!
So I got back in the car and started to give myself a stern talking to about my lack of organisation - in my head of course. (Don't pretend you don't talk to yourself either, as parents it's sometimes the only sane conversation we get!)
And then I thought, You know what? Fuck it. I messed up. I'm not going to beat myself up about it. Society does that enough for me.
We're always told we're not smart enough. Pretty enough. Thin enough. Tall enough. Young enough. Old enough.
So I thought I'd "stick it to the man" and tell you what I'm good at. And bloody proud of it, too.

I am a great artist. Not fantastic, but great enough that people are walking around with my designs on their skin.

I am a great cook. Even my almost two year old eats pretty much everything put in front of him. (the 16 year old sister is another story - but apparently there's no pleasing teenagers, so why bother?)

I have a great relationship with "hubby" - meaning I can tell him when I'm pissed off at him or when I want him to stop playing the goddamn ps3 for 5 minutes  because Dex has done an explosive poo. I don't just stew in it and let it build up. (the frustration about the ps3 - not the poo. Who would stew in poo?)

I am a great mother. My kids are happy. Well looked after. Well fed. Dex is an amazing talker and very smart for his age - daycare told me so. Lola is (mostly) a happy baby. She gets her nappy free time and her tummy time and all the other times.

I look great for having had two babies. Yes, I have stretch marks. But you know what? Who gives a fuck. Please, find me a woman, childless or not that doesn't have at least one. She deserves to be in a museum.
And finally, I have a GREAT life ahead of me. I have gorgeous, intelligent kids. A wonderful partner. A beautiful family and support network.

I deserve it. I deserve to be proud of what I have. What I've worked for and what's yet to come.
Fuck modesty. You should be proud too.


  1. Good on you! This is such a strong message. We should all cut ourselves some slack and be grateful for everything we have and everything we are. Fuck modesty. xxx

  2. Great post! I think we all need to do this every now and then. I love your list of what you're good at, you have every right to be proud.

  3. This is a FANTASTIC post! Well said. I think we should all say this to ourselves daily.
    I've got a great life too. I've worked bloody hard for it, and also had my share of luck, and deserve to be proud of it.

  4. Love this post; you do deserve it. We all do.

  5. Yey! Nothing wrong with a bit of self love every now and then. Love this post. Great to find your blog via FYBF.

  6. Well said! We are so good at putting ourselves down. Fuck it! I made fucking beautiful sticky date puddings for dinner tonight. Yeah.
    Take care, Lee (new follower from FYBF)

  7. Love this post!

    Found you via FYBF, will be following along :)

    Love the family shot up the top btw, gorgeous.

  8. great post!
    I'm with you-Fuck modesty

  9. Brilliant post! We all screw up now and then....in my case quite often as I'm a pretty forgetful person but yeah you're right, we should focus on what we are good at like I'm a great writer, and don't sweat the small stuff.

  10. Definitely fuck modesty. If you've done something good, be proud of it. I made a kick ass cake this week that looked (to me) like it had been bought from a shop.
    You rock x

  11. You are pretty fantastic! Good for you for giving yourself a pat on the back. I have stretchmarks -- LOADS of them. Not to mention all the scars from when I had cancer. I love them. They make me special and unique. Nobody's skin marks the same exact way, and if I didn't feel all my lumps and bumps and grooves, it wouldn't feel like... well, me!

    And you're right about not having to have been pregnant to get stretchmarks. I never have been, and I've still got 'em. Although, I generally prefer the term "childfree" to "childless". I think that's the PC term? :D